Heavy Rains and Big Hearts

Today, something happened to me that I had hoped to do all my life.

Late for school in the morning, I was so busy running and rushing in a haste that I had forgotten to breathe, and even use an umbrella in the heavy downpour.
With my bag, clothes, and hair all wet, I saw an auto rickshaw (a three wheeled vehicle for public hire) waiting for me, right outside my building. Thank the heavens! I thought.

Before I could even ask the driver to hasten, He said (translated), ‘There is no way I’m going to speed, particularly during rains– there are too many pot holes, and what if I accidentally drive into an open drain? (With a proud chest) Nothing, nothing comes before the safety of my passengers.’

All the worldly worries just slipped away, and were replaced by a broad smile. Awe stricken, I couldn’t respond with anything, but a ‘Hmmm’ (shame on me, I know).

There I was: busy in my own world, not bothered to even look what was happening around me. Then there was the amazing guy whose name I didn’t even ask (pathetic, I know). Here I am, sitting, writing, deleting words, thinking what to write— just to come up to the conclusion that while I write here, while I try to do my bit of inspiring work, while I’m thinking of how to do it, someone has probably already come into the scene, done their part, and left an aeonian mark: on people, in this world— a sign of their existence, a sign of their extreme humanity.

Today, I learnt, truly, that even the slightest and the gentlest of the touches, can impact you deeply, and quite surprisingly, these are the touches the affect you the most.

In Mumbai, a.k.a. the city of hustle-bustle, where no one has a single second to spare to glance the slightest at anyone— we have people who have only one priority and one worry: They won’t care if all of the world’s cheetahs are tackling them, or all the ghosts are haunting them— why should they, when They care to stop and look around, and breathe in the beauty of everything? Why, why should They be bothered about anything else, when They have people’s safety and well being in their minds and hearts, when we’re all living in an era where ‘bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha’ (this isn’t the era or the time of innocence, and most of the innocence has been wiped out; this is where goodness and purity are neither acknowledged, nor respected)?

To the man who has made such a great impact in my life (and many others, of that I’m sure), and taught me, in such a pleasingly warm tone, how to live, notice, and care, with saying just as little as two lines, in a ride for just as short as 6 minutes (or even less); to the man who offers complimentary singing with the ride, and wouldn’t mind taking a long time for just one ride (and not caring about how much he earns and how much he could’ve); to the man, who  addressed me only as ‘Rani Bitiya’ (My Queen Daughter), and brought a huge smile on my face, heart, and mind that’ll be stuck forever— here’s a big shout-out to you! You’re great, extraordinary, and just amazing! You define pride and selflessness; and you have made all the difference in the world. And I wish, in times of rain or not, happiness and love shall always be showered heavily upon you. Thank you 🙂
To anyone who gets a chance to meet Him or people like Him— you’re lucky.

Ending with what He would’ve believed in: Seize the day and dont just breathe in the air; absorb it’s beauty.

What a wonderful happening it is: as I publish this post, the Sun makes a striking appearance, and shines bright, marking the end of a dark, cloudy (rainy) day; may we all find clarity in the light of the day (and in the dark), and may we all be the light; every cloud has a silver lining, and every life has a golden core 🙂 and not all rains are sad and gloomy.
The End


4 thoughts on “Heavy Rains and Big Hearts

  1. Heyy tris it’s glad to know that you back with the blogs. In this busy world we usually tend to notice small things around ys and that’s why we all are bored, sad, depressed etc. There are some people who just come for a tiny bit of second in our life but make it such a big impact on our lives. And its like a lesson to learn. Not going to say much jyst embrace your life. It’s worth the time.


  2. Trisha, this writing is amazing. I love the freshness , the happiness and the positive vibes just leaping off the words. I see your spirit shining here. Keep writing and expressing yourself. 😊😊


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