The Place of Peace


Everyone knows a place where they go, when they are touched by emotions of all kinds; or sometimes, they just go there because they love it. Everyone has that one place, which they have just to themselves― where they can spit out their secrets, be ingenuous, unveil their true identity― where they can be a truly unabashed soul.

Well, everyone has their ‘one place,’ but She is not everyone; She is different. She doesn’t know of many places, which have an atmosphere of amity. How can She find peace and content in this despondent world? No, She can’t. But, She does have alternatives.

To find peace outside, you need to have peace within. And what does She do? She just runs into her little imagination: travelling from one world to another― exploring, discovering, speculating, and in pursuit of a few answers, which are just not there; doing the impossible: making a perpetual pizza, walking in the sky, going to Hogwarts, defeating the Witch Queen, slaying dragons, going on adventures with the extra-terrestrials, re-creating ‘Wonderland’… dancing on her own cadence, or doing anything that makes her feel alive; that kills the demons within her, and just reflects all the good in her― that makes her a better person.

Although She can’t find peace, She can indubitably make it― and that’s what She does; that’s how She escapes all the melancholia.


Speak now, or forever hold your piece!

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