Going, Going… Gone

Merry Christmas, and sorry for posting after a really long interval, but alas, the year has ended; or is going to end; the same thing, so to say. Time has flown by, so quick and swift, like sand from between your toes; and will continue to. And the truth: another year passes by, clears its mark for the New Year to come by.

Oh, another year, twelve long months! It’s going to pass by, just like the previous one, in the blink of an eye. That’s the typical me, at the start of (almost) every year. Yeah, that’s because, I really don’t know what the New Year is going to bring forth this time. What it has for me… and that, I can tell you, is what I have learnt.

You think the year will be quite ordinary, but you don’t know how many twists it is going to bring in to your life… and that’s because you really haven’t got up to see what the view ahead is. And even if you have, (another thing I learnt is) not everything is what it seems. And that’s what I learnt this year, in fact, I learn it every year, though it just looks like scattered memories; that, during the journey, it doesn’t really matter where you reach. What matters is how you have reached; how you climbed.

And TBH, now that I have found everything in life: from my passion to myself; I see everything so crystal clear. It’s like, your destination may be bad, but, your expedition has to be really killing. That’s what you have to make it count.

But, all of this is not something you realise, until it passes by. And then, you are likely to realise either of the possible two things:

  1. Oh, I wasted that year. I should have done something worthwhile…
  2. Oh, what a wonderful year it has been! I did everything that I wanted to…

For the first time, I felt familiar with the second thought (though I have missed out a few things cause of procrastination).When the entire thing, the year, is about to end, you see yourself standing on the edge, and you realise that the year has gone right through your eyes.

This year has been quite different! This year, I have accomplished my goal of leaving a few marks, which will later turn out to be memories.

This was the best and the worst year to socialize; many fellowships broken, but, my bond with my true friends became even stronger. So many problems I’ve had, so many fights, but, as the saying goes, ‘all’s well if the end’s well.’

At the start, all I wanted was a year, to be better than the previous one. My new year always starts with so much of enthusiasm, so much of energy; the hope to do better; the hope to be better than I was before… so many aims, so many goals for the year, in the life! And amidst everything, I feel so alive, and I just want to cling on to it!

Now, all fulfilled, I have come to understand that it’s not just about wanting good all the time. It’s never that good is going to complete everything. Even if you have only goods, you are never going to be complete. Tragedy is inevitable… because that’s what makes anything complete.

And once again, still wondered by the wonders, I wonder how the year has passed by so quickly; right in front of my eyes, going, going, and gone…


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