The Nerdfighter’s Story ― The Awesome Deliria!!!

Okay! So, even here, I procrastinated (yeah, I was to write this post in the month of September!). After three months of blogging, there was this one thing that troubled me ― whether my audience would (or would not) get the apt intuition of the term ‘Nerdfighter’. So, to clarify it all, I am here with this new post!

(My special) Thanks to the Green Brothers, i.e., John and Hank Green, who originated this term in the video blog ‘Brotherhood 2.0.’ along with being fans of John and Hank Green, Nerdfighters are proud to be nerdy and intelligent, and are awesome enough to accept ‘nerd’ as a compliment!

A nerdfighter is the one, who, instead of being made up of cells and organs, is actually made of pure awesome! A Nerdfighter is a person who fights along with other Nerdfighters, to decrease world suck (and thus, they fight decepticons)!

I hope, that with this post, all my wonderful readers will get to know all about Nerdfighters… if you are curious to know how to be a nerdfighter, then there you are! You already are one (for only awesome people are curious to know how to be awesome!) (This may sound absurd to some, but this is what the awesome deliria does!)

P.S. This post is specially on the request of Janey Doe 🙂