Premio Dardos

images (18)I have been longing to write about it, but as a matter of fact, I procrastinated… So, even as a new blogger, I achieved it ― The Premio Dardos Award! I can’t express how exultant I am – and to begin, I would love to thank Malva for nominating me (This is also my very first award on WordPress!).


Since this is a Spanish Award, I had to research about it. The literal translation of ‘Premio Dardos’ is ‘Darts Prize’. The award is given in recognition of personal, cultural, ethical and literary values which are transmitted through a creative and original way through writing.

So, once again, I thank Malva for recognizing my dedication, creativity and effort to maintain a blog and, of course, publicizing me!

Premio Dardos – Rules

I have achieved my award – what do I do next?  With the award, come the conditions. To actually acquire the award, I need to do these things:

  1. Accept the award by including in the input, the image of the prize.
  2. Mention and link to the person and the blog that has given you the award (Thanks Malva!).
  3. Nominate and link new blogs who deserve the same recognition.

With me receiving the award and accepting it, I need to throw my darts to nominate other candidates. So, from now on, any blogger that inspires me, or deserves appreciation, I shall recognize them publicly by nominating them for this award.

Here are the nominees:

1. Teen Girls that Write: This blog deserves this award for it offers unique (and numerous) writing prompts that help in creative writing. Also, the author of the blog works for a very good purpose.

2. Hope Nwosu is literally everything this award stands for:)


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