Animals Despaired


Have you ever felt something that you can never forget? Something like a pity feeling for an animal?

I was reading a topic of the writing task of my sample exam papers. It said “write an article with the heading ‘Animals- healthy and happy in the wild or bored and fed-up in the zoo?’

Reading that title, I was left bombarded with the thought of what it was like to be an animal. A thought of realization struck my mind ― we humans have taken away everything from these poor little creatures.

A zoo was meant to keep the animal safe; safe from extinction, so that the animal can breed again. The zoo does protect the animals from its predators in the wild; from poachers poaching them. But, what the zoo does is far worse than poaching. The zoo feeds these animals, only for their purpose. The animals are put up in cages for display ― a means of earning money.  But, by doing so, they make the animals feel isolated. Their natural habitat is taken away from them ― who would like that?

The animals may be saved from their predators and may be fed, but they have to pay a very big cost for it ― everything is taken away from them. Human brutality never leaves them! They are separated from their herds and clans, they are isolated.

Spoon feeding the ready-made food makes them lose their interest in hunting for themselves. God has given these wild beasts fangs and sharp canines. Why steal it from them? And what about the predators? ― We are letting them starve to death! We are breaking the nature’s cycle! We are destroying the food chain! Human intervention with the wild beasts is basically disconnecting the animals from their nature and habitat.

The zoos may have a background similar to their habitat to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel home. But who can be at home if they get no fresh air? Who can feel home if they are trapped within four walls? Who can feel home if they have no choice other than to remain in the same room for the rest of their lives?

The zoos have forgotten their purpose. This isn’t called protecting the animals. It is called ‘simply destroying them and their nature’. A wild animal is extorted to train, just for entertainment purpose. They are tortured for not being able to do what is beyond their ability. They are wild animals, not pets. Unfortunately, the ‘wild’ from the ‘wild animal’ has been taken away. They have lost themselves. They are helpless ― they are the victims of us humans.

Just think about it ― what if you are taken away from your family to another place, new and isolated? You will be fed, but only the simple food which will turn boring after a while. You won’t have anyone to communicate with. All your freedom and joy will be taken away from you. In short, you will be jailed forever until you die. Now, who would want that? But you don’t have any choice. You can’t do anything. You are helpless. You are despaired. The animals are despaired.


3 thoughts on “Animals Despaired

  1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Even i had never thought about this topic until i came across it… so, that explains a lot… writing helps you to discover yourself and you get to know things which you never thought even existed!
    Happy writing!
    P.S. Thank you for following my blog, and i shall make sure that i follow yours too!


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