Just a moment in life…

This is not what it looks like… I could feel it. I was sitting in my classroom, bored and I thought that today does not look like today. I felt that it was just no ordinary day. There was something out there that made me feel strange about the place. Something weird, something abnormal, something just not right. The air did not have fury and everything was just as still as calm sea. I could not hear the wind howling or the trees swaying. No honks of the vehicles, no nothing! The whole world had gone silent like on a funeral.

I looked outside the window of my classroom and thought ‘what is wrong today?’ But then, I saw some little birds flying and I thought how hardworking they were. Flying out under the scorching sun in search of food. Also, I saw some beautiful little squirrels running from one branch of a tree to another. I observed the trees closely and thought ‘wow’. The leaves so well defined, and the branches, so strong and stern. I was mesmerized and left in awe. It was a feeling of inner joy.

And then, I felt a hand on my back. It was my friend, asking me where I was lost and what I was thinking about. And then, I shook my head and said nothing.

I now realize that everything in this world is so normal just like it always has been. All of my classmates are talking and laughing and having fun. And right now, I am sitting here, feeling that it’s just me who is different.

But at the same time, I can’t deny what I just saw. I have never seen something so beautiful ever before. It was me who just paused a minute of my life to stop and look at the world and know what nature is all about. To view and admire nature’s beauty and to know how the world we live in looks like, without any hustle bustle. To see how wonderful creatures god has ever created. And I just realized how beautiful the nature of the world is.

I feel really different now. I have never really felt anything like this ever before. And it really is a feeling of pleasure to see a change in yourself. A change which you never imagined nor expected. A change which you never realized until it was changed.

Everyone in this world is so busy in their lives that they even forget how the nature looks like. And I think that sometimes, we should just take a moment in our life, just to appreciate nature, and see how beautiful the world is. Realize that nature is important, and it’s all we’ve got to save. Just a moment in life… It takes just a moment…


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