Why Write?

This blog entry is basically more of a detailed introduction about my literature world; about my reads and writes.

Why do I write? What’s the point of writing, and what does it give me?

Well, I write not just because I want to get published and earn lots of money, and be famous like J.K. Rowling and Veronica Roth. Not that I don’t want that, of course I do want to get published and become a world renowned writer, but I do not write for that purpose. My purpose of writing is completely different. I write to please myself.

Writing is something which I would call ‘scribbling down your thoughts on a paper’ and not ‘just vomiting up high language and vocabulary’. You write because you simply cannot resist writing what you think, what you feel. When you start to think, words begin to spill out.

Writing is a self-exploratory operation. What you write is just a reflection of yourself. Because what you write is what you think, and when you write, you discover your true self. You come across different versions of yourself; you discover and unlock new doors of your mind.

When I write, I simply don’t think of anything else. I just write because at that time, I have no aim in my mind, other than to pull up my thoughts together. I write because it makes me happy, it’s sort of a relief; kind of a buster, of anything but happiness. Writing, for me, is creating a whole new world of my own imagination, which I can control.

Writing is not just a hobby. Nor is it a passion. Writing is something, which has carved itself in me; writing is not just something I do, but a part of who I am. Writing is what has made me today…



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